Communicating Climate Science

The EPA aims to be a leader in the climate debate in Ireland, and provide up-to-date scientific information to a range of audiences, from policymakers to the general public. We aim to keep you informed on the latest news, research and events in the climate change area, not only in Ireland but internationally, and to answer common questions about climate change. These pages include the following sections:

Climate Change Lecture Series

As part of  its programme of increasing public awareness of climate change issues, the EPA has hosted a number of lectures on this topic. Beginning in 2007, the speakers are international experts, who discussed key aspects of climate change - including the basic science, predictions, impacts and options for actions to deal with this global challenge. With the permission of the invited speakers, each lecture was recorded. All the lectures are available on our website, and also on the EPA's YouTube Channel.

EPA Social Media

Since 2010, the Climate Change Unit has been using Twitter, YouTube and SlideShare to help us provide information to as wide a range of audiences as possible.

Twitter Logo

For regular updates on our work, and links to relevant scientific reports, you can follow us on Twitter at 

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The EPA also maintains a YouTube channel  - this includes all of the EPA's Climate Change Lecture Series, the full-length documentary 'A Burning Question', along with a range of videos highlighting environmental issues in Ireland.

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You can find a range of presentations on climate on the EPA's SlideShare account: