Pollutant Release and Transfer Register

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Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) reporting of annual mass emissions and waste transfers is completed using the Environmental Performance Reporting (EPR) online application, which is available through the EDEN portal.

Further information on EPR reporting is available at http://www.epa.ie/enforcement/epr/

General PRTR information and specific guidance for operators regarding 2007 to 2017 PRTR reports is displayed in this section of the website.


Welcome to Ireland’s Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) section of the website. Use the left hand menu to find out about PRTR, use the search and map function, and access operator information for reporting PRTR information. This is an emissions register resembling the register that exists in several countries in Europe.

  • The pollutant release and transfer register lists in excess of 350 industrial facilities engaged in environmentally hazardous activities. Those activities are divided into nine (9) activity sectors. Each year the activity concerned submits environmental reports to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Every company that is the subject of information in the register has a permit/licence for its own activities and emissions. The reporting of emissions through PRTR does not imply that a facility is causing environmental pollution.  EPA licensed operations, for example, are regulated and monitored by the EPA's Office of Environmental Enforcement in accordance with licence conditions.

  • For each facility, information is provided concerning the amount of pollutant releases to air, water and waste water as well as off-site transfers of waste, from a list of 91 PRTR pollutants including heavy metals, pesticides, greenhouse gases and dioxins for the years 2007-2017.  The EPA carries out detailed quality checks on the submitted data before reporting the required data to the European Commission. The facility operators that are subject to reporting are required to assure the quality of the information that they report.

  • The data shown in this register is updated annually. The current release (November 2020) shows data up to 2018. The EPA is continually validating data with a view to improving what is a very complex process, to ensure all future data is as robust and accurate as possible.

  • The PRTR is intended to make it easier for citizens to gain information about emissions to the environment. Over the course of time, we will be adding more information and links. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the information provided, or if you have any suggestions, please email us and we will revert as soon as possible. Alternatively contact us at

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