Sustainability Theme 2: Health & Wellbeing

Human health is fundamentally linked to our environment since our health depends on, for instance, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the noise levels we experience, the food we eat and our sense of wellbeing.

The EPA addresses a broad range of environmental health issues including those that lie beyond its regulatory remit such as indoor air quality.

The aim of the research funded under the Health & Wellbeing theme is:

a) to develop national capacity in key areas;
b) to generate data and make assessments of priority issues for Ireland; and,
c) to mobilise this knowledge for use in environment and health protection.

Health & Wellbeing research will have four subthemes:

  • Ecosystem Benefits for Health.
  • Safe Water for Drinking Food Production and Recreation.
  • Clean Air & Noise.
  • Chemicals and Other Threats.


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