Key Dates and Compliance Deadlines

Newsletter with updates for Operators - December 2020

Once the EPA has granted your permit, there are a number of requirements with which you need to comply. Firstly, it is important that you take the time to read and understand your permit as the permit conditions have been developed to help you comply with the requirements of the Irish and EU Regulations.

This section provides further detail on the routine annual monitoring and reporting requirements of your permit. This table gives an overview of a typical permit monitoring and reporting period and associated tasks and deadlines for the various submissions.

Date / DeadlineAction / Process
1 January

Start Monitoring your emissions for the current reporting year in accordance with your approved monitoring plan

1 January - 31 December

Investigate changes to monitoring methodology, capacity, activity level or operation and notify EPA in accordance with the permit

21 January

Return your completed ‘Declaration of Operability’ for previous year in accordance with Condition 2.6 of your GHG permit

31 March Submit verified emissions report for previous year via ETSWAP
31 March Enter your verified emissions figure via your Union Registry account
31 March Request your verifier to approve VE figure via the Union Registry
30 April Surrender allowances (at least equivalent to verified emissions figure)
30 June Submit improvement report via ETSWAP (if applicable)under Article 69 MRR
31 December

Submit the Capacity/Activity level changes workflow via ETSWAP

31 December Complete monitoring of reporting year in accordance with permit


NOTE:  We recommend that you engage with a verifier early in the compliance year

To make sure you comply with your permit, you need to complete the tasks above according to the listed deadlines:

If you fail to comply with a condition of your permit, you may be liable to a civil penalty.

If you fail to surrender allowances by 30 April each year to cover reportable emissions for the previous year you will be liable to a significant penalty of €100, increased in accordance with the European index of consumer prices, per tonne of CO2 for which you have not surrendered allowances.  In addition you will still have to surrender the allowances by 30 April in the following year.