National Allocation Plan 2008-2012


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The National Allocation Plan defines the basis on which allocations of free greenhouse gas emission allowances to individual installations covered by the Emissions Trading Scheme will be made.

The draft National Allocation Plan for 2008-2012 (NAP2) was prepared by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.

This is in accordance with Articles 9 and 10 and Annex III of the EU Emissions Trading Directive (as transposed into Irish law by the European Communities (Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading) Regulations 2004 (S.I. 437 of 2004) and amendments).

4 March 2008: Following EU Commission acceptance on February 5th 2008 of the final draft of Ireland’s National Allocation Plan for 2008 – 2012 (NAP2), the EPA today took the Final Allocation Decision on the Plan. This decision fixes the allocations of greenhouse gas emission allowances which will be made under the Emissions Trading Directive to Ireland’s major GHG emitters for the next five years, the “Kyoto” period 2008 - 2012. The allocations are now final and will be issued to the installations on an annual basis over the next five years.

Follow this link to download the final text of the National Allocation Plan 2008-2012

The New Entrant and CHP (Combined Heat and Power) Set Asides are now open for application in accordance with the rules contained in Appendix 3 of the NAP2 document. Download here updated report Determination of the Distribution of Allowances under the National Allocation Plan 2008-2012 - (March 2006)..

All applications received up to and including April 4th 2008 will be prioritised according to the date on which Planning Permission etc.was obtained (see Rule (d) in Appendix 3).  From April 5th 2008 on, the date of application to the Set Aside will become an important criterion.

17 January 2008:  Following the second public consultation in October 2007 on Ireland’s National Allocation Plan for the period 2008-2012, the plan has been updated to reflect consideration of the issues raised.  All Member States have been requested by the EU Commission to send the final versions of the their National Allocation Plans to them for consideration in order that they can satisfy themselves that their conditional approvals have been correctly applied.  Accordingly we have now notified the final text of our National Allocation Plan to the Commission.  It is expected that their examination will take at least four weeks, after which time, assuming they are satisfied, EPA will take the Final Allocation Decision.  In the meantime, the revised Plan is available for download below (as are the submissions received and EPA consideration of the points raised).  While the text is no longer open to amendment, the allocation numbers can be corrected if any numerical errors are notified to EPA prior to the taking of the Final Allocation Decision.  After that time however, corrections are no longer possible.

Download updated NAP 2 as notified to the Commission January 2008

Download documents relating to submissions received in the second public consultation on NAP2

Download the EPA assessments of the submissions received in the second public consultation on NAP2

Second Public Consultation

4 October 2007:  The Environmental Protection Agency today published a revised draft of Ireland’s second National Allocation Plan for Emissions Trading in Ireland.  This follows the conditional approvals given by the EU Commission in November 2006 and July 2007 to the previous draft and the subsequent revised directions from Government.  The plan sets out the EPA’s proposals for distributing these allowances to the various industrial sectors and participants involved.  A consultation process on the revised draft plan commences today and all submissions received by 5.00pm on October 31st 2007 will be considered with a view to improving the plan before the EPA takes the Final Allocation Decision for the 2008 – 2012 period as required under the Emissions Trading Regulations.

Download the revised draft National Allocation Plan 4 October 2007

Follow this link to download an application form for New Entrant and CHP Set Aside.

First Public Consultation

From 12 May to 12 June 2006 the draft National Allocation Plan was open to public consultation.  In all 32 submissions were received and these were then considered with a view to improving and finalising  NAP2 before sending it to the Commission.

Article 9 of the Directive required that the Plan, based on objective and transparent criteria including those listed in Annex III, be submitted to the Commission by 30/06/2006.

Article 10 requires that at least 90% of the allowances be issued free of charge. Annex III of the Directive lists the criteria (some mandatory, some optional) to be considered in the development of the National Allocation Plan.

Submissions on First Public Consultation

Click here to download Ireland's National Allocation Plan 2008 - 2012 as submitted to the Commission 12 July 2006

NAP2 Background Documents

A number of documents have been used in the preparation of Ireland's draft National Allocation Plan (2008-2012). Copies of these documents maybe viewed and downloaded from the links below.   NAP1 consists of two downloadable files which may be viewed and downloaded - Download the final ICF/BOF report Determining the Share of National Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Emissions Trading in Ireland - March 2006and Download the previous report Determining the Share of National Greenhouse Gas Emissions For Emissions Trading in Ireland February 2004.

Communications from the Commission

A Communication from the Commission [COM (2003) 830], issued on 7 January 2004, contained guidance, pursuant to Article 9 of Directive 2003/87/EC, on the completion of National Allocation Plans by Member States, and in particular on the application of the criteria listed in Schedule 3 of the Regulations. This guidance document may be viewed from the link below.

Download documents relating to submissions received in the first public consultation on NAP2.

A further Communication from the Commission [COM (2005) 703] was issued on the 22 December 2005 supplementing the previous guidance, in particular in relation to ensuring increased harmonisation among Member States in the interpretation of various issues as well as incorporating a twelfth criterion requiring NAP2 to specify the maximum amount of allowances from the project mechanisms which may be used by operators. This further guidance may be downloaded from below.

Final Allocation Decision

Reports from EPA appointed consultants - Indecon/ENVIROS

The EPA had previously appointed Indecon International Economic Consultants and ENVIROS Consulting to assist it in determining the distribution of national greenhouse gas emissions to the various industrial sectors and participants involved for NAP1. The original report (January 2004) and the updated report (March 2006) may be downloaded from links below.

National Allocation Methodology 2005

Download Communication from the Commission [COM (2003) 830] as issued 7 January 2004.

ICF Consulting - Byrne Ó Cléirigh reports to Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Ireland.

The Government has decided what proportion of national greenhouse gas emissions to assign to the trading sector. This issue was the subject of a separate study led by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government and completed by ICF Consulting/Byrne Ó Cléirigh (ICF/BOC).  

Download Communication from the Commission [COM (2005) 703] as issued 22 December 2005..

Download here report Determining the Distribution of National Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Emissions Trading in Ireland 2005-2007 - (January 2004). .