Permit & Monitoring Reporting Plan Applications

Warning: The documents below are no longer in use and should be used for referencing purposes only

The following are relevant documents for making an application to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Permit:

See also the CO2 EPA Emission Factors 2008

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Monitoring and Reporting Plan

Article 14 of S.I. 437 of 2004 requires that all operators report emissions from their installations to us each calendar year. The European Commission has issued revised Monitoring and Reporting Guidelines for the period 2008-2012, which you must use when monitoring and reporting emissions.

A condition of all GHG permits is that all operators must submit a Monitoring and Reporting Proposal to us. To assist you, we have a Monitoring and Reporting template using MS Excel.

All Monitoring and Reporting proposals should be submitted using the form, and you are strongly advised to read the accompanying guidance notes.


Download the following application forms and guidance notes:

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Read the European Commission's Monitoring and Reporting pages for Greenhouse Gas Emissions under the EU ETS. These pages contain a very useful FAQ section and information on the current review of the guidelines.



The EU Directive on Emissions Trading requires operators of installations to submit annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reports which have been verified by an accredited verifier.

The Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) is in charge of accreditation of all Irish GHG annual verification bodies working in Ireland. Verification bodies must have accreditation according to EN45011

Verification bodies wishing to work in Ireland from other EU member states will need to be accredited to EN45011 and the associated guidance documents by another EA member accreditation body.

Contact us or the INAB before undertaking work in Ireland, to ensure knowledge of Ireland's interpretation of the directive and monitoring and reporting guidance notes.

Further guidance

Download Annual Verification Guidance Note (Version 1)

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Read the List of verifiers on the INAB website accredited to operate in Ireland. Visit the Irish National Accreditation Board website Visit the European Network for Accreditation website


Application for new entrant and CHP set-aside allowances

Operators who receive a new or updated Greenhouse Gas Emissions Permit may be entitled to receive an allocation of allowances from the New Entrant or CHP reserve.

A fixed quantity of allowances have been set aside for this purpose and allocation will be made on a first come first served basis. 

To have your application for receipt of set aside allowances registered by the Agency please complete and return, preferably by registered post, the application form to:
By Post:
Emissions Trading Unit,
Environmental Protection Agency,
Regional Inspectorate,
McCumiskey House,
Clonskeagh Road,
Dublin 14.

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