Rules and Procedures

Letter of Approval

If the EPA grants approval in relation to a Joint Implementation (JI) or Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project, a letter of approval (LoA) will be issued to the relevant project participant.  This letter will indicate (in accordance with the rules of the Kyoto Protocol) that:
· Ireland ratified the Kyoto Protocol on 31st May 2002.
· Ireland participates voluntarily in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or Joint Implementation (JI).
· The Letter constitutes approval as required under paragraphs 31(a) and 33(a) of Decision 9/CMP.1, Guidelines for the implementation of Article 6 of the Kyoto Protocol or   paragraphs 33 and 40(a) and (f) of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Modalities and Procedures.
· The Letter authorises participation in the Joint Implementation (JI) or Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project by the project participant.
· Ireland authorises the participation as project proponent in the Joint Implementation (JI) or Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project.
In granting approval, the Environmental Protection Agency will not considered those matters that fall within the competence of:
· The host Party;
· The accredited independent entity;
· Joint Implementation (JI) Supervisory Committee / Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Executive Board;

Requirements for Approval

Please note approval is currently restricted to Irish Entities.

Legislative Requirements

Article 7 of SI 244 contains minimum requirements for approval in respect of a proposed project activity.   The SI stipulates that, as a minimum, an application for approval shall contain:
· A description of the proposed project activity, including a project design document (project design document (PDD)
· A declaration signed by the applicant that participation by all parties to the project is voluntary and that the information supplied as part of the application is complete and accurate.
· A letter of approval from the designated Focal Point or National Authority, as appropriate, for the host country.
· The full fee as specified in Article 10


Article 10 of SI 244 specifies that each application for approval must be accompanied by a fee of €1 for every 100 CERs or ERUs anticipated to accrue from the proposed project activity subject to a minimum of €500 and a maximum of €5,000.

Additional Requirements

In order to ensure that the approval procedure is comprehensive the following additional elements are required:

· The Project must be at an advanced stage in the verification/validation process.  At a minimum the project design document (PDD) must be  published for public comment on the website of the relevant verifying body and a link to this website must be included in the application.

· Applications by Project Participants not listed in the project design document (PDD) must be accompanied by a letter of intent signed by all other project participants authorising their inclusion.

· Approval is currently available for Irish Entities only.  A person or entity must provide evidence of incorporation or identity at point of application.


The EPA must provide a reason if any application is rejected.  If approval is rejected, an applicant be allowed a period of 15 days to appeal the decision. 

To apply for a letter of approval from the Irish Focal Point / Designated National Authority click on this link How To Apply