Best Practice Guidelines for Vehicle Refinishing

Year: 2013

This document (Part 1) provides the mandatory requirements for Vehicle Refinishers to operate in accordance with SI199 of 2007 and (Part 2) the excellent practice for operational vehicle refinishing installations.

Records spreadsheet for Dry Cleaners

Year: 2013

Under the Solvents Regulations dry cleaners need to keep records to show how they perform against the emission limit value of 20 g solvent emitted per kg of product dry cleaned. This Records Spreadsheet aims to assist dry cleaners with such record keeping.

Guidance Note on Landfill Flare and Engine Management and Monitoring (AG7)

Guidance Note AG7, January 2013

Year: 2013

Landfill Flare and Engine Management and Monitoring (AG7)

Municipal Solid Waste - Pre-treatment & Residuals Management - An EPA Technical Guidance document

Year: 2013

The purpose of this document is to set out the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standard for minimum acceptable pre-treatment for Municipal Solid Waste accepted for landfilling or incineration at EPA licensed waste facilities.

Protocol for the Evaluation of Biodegradable Municipal Waste sent to Landfill

Year: 2013

This protocol has been developed to provide guidance on how to determine the amount of biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) in municipal solid waste (MSW) that is sent to landfill. It facilitates Ireland's obligations in determining compliance with BMW diversion targets that are set in the Landfill directive (1999/31/EC).

Code of Practice: Environmental Risk Assessment for Unregulated Waste Disposal Sites

Code of Practice to ensure a consistent approach by local authorities to deal with unregulated historic disposal sites., January 2013

Year: 2013

The Code of Practice has been produced to ensure a consistent approach to environmental risk assessment by local authorities when assessing the environmental impact and remediation options for historic unregulated waste disposal sites. It also provides guidance on how to deal with illegal landfills that have come into being since the introduction of the waste licensing regime.

Guidance Note on Investigations for Landfills

Year: 2013

This manual describes the sequence and extent of investigations required to progress the selection, construction and operation of a landfill site. It also outlines the procedures to be adopted in the investigation of existing landfill sites, such investigations being required to complete a site conditioning, closure or aftercare plan.

Landfill Manual - Guidance note of Landfill Operational Practices

Year: 2013

The objective of this manual is to contribute to the improved management of existing biodegradable landfill sites, whilst providing guidance on how new sites are to be operated. The manual should thus be seen as contributing to the process of improving national landfill standards which will accelerate with the implementation of the Waste Management Act.

Landfill Manual - Guidance note of Landfill Restoration

Year: 2013

This document gives guidance on all aspects of landfill restoration. The manual sets down the requirements for successful restoration to afteruses such as nature conservation and amenity, woodland, agriculture and hard end uses such as built structures and car parks.

Landfill Manual - Guidance note of Landfill Monitoring

Year: 2013

This manual provides guidance on the design and implementation of a monitoring programme in order to accurately assess the impact of a landfill on the surrounding environment and is intended for use by those involved in monitoring landfills

Local Authorities' Checklists For Identification Methodology For Landfill Sites

Year: 2013

This document provides two detailed checklists for local authorities in their determination of the status of a waste disposal site. It includes information on the location of the site, the type of waste it contains and whether the site remains active

Methodology For The Identification Of Waste Disposal Or Recovery Sites In Ireland

Waste Sites Code Of Practice, January 2013

Year: 2013

This document is a guide designed to remedy an European Court of Justice finding that Ireland was in contravention of European directives on the mandatory issue of permits for municipal landfills. It is part of the response by the Irish government to the court ruling to demonstrate that the necessary measures are now being taken in Ireland, in terms of the structures, legislation and policy approach.

Groundwater Protection Responses For Landfills – Summary

Response Matrix For Landfills , January 2013

Year: 2013

This is a summary of the requirements as set out in the Groundwater Protection Response for the selection of Landfills

Groundwater Protection Responses to the Landspreading of Organic Waste - Summary

Response Matrix for Landspreading, January 2013

Year: 2013

This is a summary of the requirements as set out in the Groundwater Protection Response for the landspreading of organic waste.

Protection Of Groundwater When Siting Landfills

Year: 2013

Criteria that should be considered when selecting sites for non-hazardous waste landfills.

Protection Of Groundwater From The Landspreading Of Organic Wastes

Year: 2013

Guidelines on protecting groundwater from the landspreading of organic wastes. Many of these wastes are potentially beneficial to crops, but they are also potentially polluting and can present a risk to groundwater quality.

Landfill Manuals - Landfill Site Design thumbnail

Landfill Manuals: Landfill Site Design

Year: 2013

This document details the unsatisfactory standards in the operation of landfills. Significant improvements are required if Ireland is to meet the higher standards proposed in the national legislation and EU directives. It states that how landfills are managed will be a lithmus test for overall waste management policy.

Landspreading Of Organic Waste

Guidance on Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment Of Land, January 2013

Year: 2013

Guide on how to assess groundwater vulnerability from landspreading of organic waste.

Information On The Irish Environmental Protection Agency’s Decision To Classify

Year: 2013

In August 2005, the Environmental Protection Agency made the decision that the import of used railway sleepers should not be regarded as a waste provided that certain conditions were met. Due to what is deemed an excessive import of sleepers and potential illegal use issues, the EPA has classified used railway sleepers as a waste.

S.I. No. 508 of 2009 Waste Management (Food Waste) Regulations 2009

Year: 2013

These regulations are designed to promote the segregation and beneficial use of food waste arising in the commercial sector. The Regulations were signed by the Minister for the Environment in December 2009.