Guidance Notes for Air Operators

Year: 2008

A set of guidelines to assist air operators in complying with regulations governing occupational exposure of air crew to cosmic radiation.

Management Plan for Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) 2008

Year: 2008

This document presents progress on developing a national inventory of PCB holdings and also presents an outline of the strategy to be adopted in managing the disposal of PCBs and PCB contaminated equipment in the Republic of Ireland.

Guidance notes on training of persons involved in the carriage of radioactive material (Class 7) by road

Year: 2008

Guidelines for the training of persons involved in the carriage of radioactive material (Class 7) by road.

See Something Say Something (Irish Version)

How to make an environmental complaint, November 2007

Year: 2007

This leaflet explains who you should contact and what you can do to help resolve environmental problems

Dose constraints in radiotherapy

Year: 2006

This guidance note details the application of the principle of optimisation to the design of new radiotherapy facilities in which ionising radiation is to be used.

European Commission Guidance Document for the Implementation of the E-PRTR

Year: 2006

This document is more relevant to non-EPA licensed industry sectors but will be of interest to licensed sites as well. Please note, however, that in the event of any inconsistency or conflict between the EU Guidance Document and the requirements of your licence, the requirements of your licence shall be followed. Also, please be careful to take the widest interpretation of the guidance in relation to your facility.

Supporting document for the determination of diffuse methane from landfill sites

Year: 2003

Summary of different techniques used to determine diffuse methane from landfill sites

Water Treatment Manuals - Coagulation, Floculation & Clarification

Year: 2002

This manual on Coagulation, Flocculation & Clarification sets out the general principles and practices which should be followed in the production of drinking water

Waste Water Treatment Manual

Treatment Systems for Small Communities, Business, Leisure Centres and Hotels, May 1999

Year: 1999

Guidance manual on treatment Systems for Small Communities, Business, Leisure Centres and Hotels

Chernobyl, its Effect on Ireland

Year: 1987

A report on the effect of Chernobyl's nuclear incident on Ireland, after 6 months, and a year, respectively.