Joint Programming Initiatives

Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) aim to enhance collaboration between national research programmes in Europe to address key societal challenges in a more efficient and effective manner.

The EPA is involved with two JPIs at Governing and Executive Board Level.

JPI implementation involves harmonising national/regional research agendas and developing joint activities in response to the identified societal challenges and jointly funding new transnational research initiatives.

Water JPI

Water challenges cannot be successfully tackled through the isolated effort of individual national research and innovation programmes.

The JPI “Water Challenges for a Changing World” is a collaboration between 24 European countries (20 partners and 4 observers) and deals with research in the field of water and hydrological sciences. The availability of water in sufficient quantities and adequate quality is indeed a public issue of high priority and addresses a pan-European and global environmental challenge.

JPI Climate 

This JPI is a collaboration between 14 European countries to coordinate jointly their climate research and fund new transnational research initiatives. It connects scientific disciplines, enables cross-border research and increases the science-practice interaction.

JPI Climate contributes to the overall EU objective of developing a European Research Area and is coordinated with the EU’s Horizon2020 programme in support of excellent science, industrial leadership and the European response to climate change - one of the great societal challenges of our times.

Details of the Pre-announcement for ERA4CS Joint Call can be found on the JPI Climate website.