The EPA visits industrial and waste licensed facilities to assess compliance and overall environmental performance. The visits can involve  

  • monitoring of emissions to air or water, noise or odour assessments, surface and groundwater monitoring 
  • inspection of the licensed site and an assessment of compliance with licence conditions.  

We issue a report to the licensee for each inspection. Site inspection reports are available to view on LEAP Online (public access to compliance and enforcement records).

The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) sets out a minimum frequency for inspecting facilities. The period between two site inspections to a licensed site must be based on an assessment of the environmental risks of the site and its activities. Our interval between inspections must not exceed one year for high-risk sites and three years for low-risk sites.

Site inspections in 2023  

1202 inspections were carried out at 535 licensed sites.

91% of these inspections were unannounced.

Summary information for our site inspections in 2023 are provided below. 


Summary information for EPA site visits in 2023