State of the Environment report 

The EPA produces state of the environment reports on a four-yearly cycle. These reports provide timely information and knowledge to the public, policymakers and key economic sectors in support of action to protect and manage the environment. Ireland's Environment – An Integrated Assessment 2020 is the most recent state of the environment report published by the EPA.  The seventh in the series, previous state of the environment reports were published in 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 & 2016.

Ireland’s Environment, the EPA’s companion online resource, is refreshed regularly with new data. It provides a current assessment of the state of the Irish environment using key indicators.

State of Environment report 2020

Ireland's Environment – An Integrated Assessment 2020 presents the most recent integrated information on the quality of Ireland's environment. The report outlines the current state of our environment at a strategic level. It also provides an update on the environmental challenges that we face, nationally and globally. 

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Figures and tables from Chapter 15, Environmental performance, policy and implementation:

TitleFigure/Table link (pdf)
Summary of key selected environmental legislation, policies and plans in place in Ireland across the key thematic areas Figure 15.1
Overview of some of the important sectoral policies, plans and programmes in place in Ireland Figure 15.2  
Suggested enablers for improving implementation and integration of environmental policy, plans and programmes in Ireland Table 15.2
Current assessment and outlook for Ireland across five key environmental policy areas Table 15.3 

Explore the 2020 report chapter by chapter:

Chapter 1 Introduction (pdf)
Chapter 2Climate (pdf)
Chapter 3Air quality (pdf)
Chapter 4 Environmental noise (pdf)
Chapter 5Land and soil (pdf)
Chapter 6Nature (pdf)
Chapter 7Water quality (pdf)
Chapter 8The marine environment (pdf)
Chapter 9Waste (pdf)
Chapter 10Environment and industry (pdf)
Chapter 11Environment and transport (pdf)
Chapter 12Environment and energy (pdf)
Chapter 13Environment and agriculture (pdf)
Chapter 14Environment, health and wellbeing (pdf)
Chapter 15Environmental performance, policy and implementation (pdf) 
Chapter 16Conclusions (pdf) 

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