Making a submission


What is a submission

A submission is written comments or observations on a permit application.  The submission should relate to the application itself or any Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR).

Who can make a submission?

Anyone can make a submission on a permit application to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


When can I make a submission?

Submissions on a permit application can be made:

- 21 days (maintenance dredging projects of less than 12 months duration) or
- 1 month (maintenance dredging projects of greater than 12 months)

from the publication of the newspaper notice by the Applicant.

It is important to lodge your submission as early as possible, as late submissions cannot be considered. 

How can I make a submission?

You can make a submission:-

  • by email to
  • in writing to the Environmental Protection Agency, PO Box 3000, Johnstown Castle Estate, County Wexford

Note: Due to current Covid 19 restrictions it is preferable to submit submissions on-line and not to post submissions to the EPA Office.

What should I submit as part of my submission?

Your submission must state:

  • the subject matter of the submission
  • the grounds for the submission and the reasons, consideration and arguments on which they are based

Attachments should:

  • be in pdf format (video footage must be in MP4 format)
  • not be greater than 4 Megabytes in size
  • not include any personal data (such as phone number, e-mail address, home address, postcode etc.)

Submissions or observations made to the Agency will be made available for public viewing, both online and at the Agency's headquarters.  Please be aware that statements included in any person's submissions or observations, that could be viewed as defamatory towards any identifiable person or organisation/company, could result in legal proceedings against the person who made that statement.  Please note that if proceedings are brought against the Agency for any allegedly defamatory statements made, the Agency may seek indemnity from the person who made that statement.  Please limit submisions or observations to points of relevance to the decision to be made by the Agency.

What happens after I make a submission?

Your submission will be:

  • acknowledged
  • published and available to view on
  • considered as part of the assessment of the licence application

You can subscribe to email updates on the licence application through RSS Feeds.  You will be notified of the EPA's decision


Can I withdraw a Submission?

A submission may be withdrawn by the submitter at any time prior to it being considered by the Board of the Agency.


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