Waste infrastructure in Ireland

EPA Waste Data Release, 25 October 2019
Latest Reference Year 2019

This release presents the waste management infrastructure and waste capacity in Ireland for certain waste treatment activities.  

Proactive planning for adequate future waste treatment capacity in Ireland is essential to minimise negative environmental impacts from increased waste generation. Ireland has some waste infrastructure deficits, such as the lack of a hazardous waste landfill. There is also limited capacity for some other waste/resource streams, in particular for recycling of paper & cardboard, plastics and some metals. These waste/resource streams are generally exported for recycling.

Number of operational municipal waste landfills and incinerators, 2007 to 2019

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Open in Excel: Table 1 Number of operational municipal landfills and incinerators, 2007 to 2019 (XLS 10KB)
Open in Excel: Table 2 Landfills accepting municipal waste for disposal, 2019 (XLS 11KB) Open in Excel: Table 3 Authorised waste to energy capacity, 2019 (XLS 10KB) Open in Excel: Table 4 Authorised capacity for composting, anaerobic digestion, 2019 (XLS 10KB)
Open in Excel: Table 5 Composting and anaerobic digestion capacity, by facility, 2019 (XLS 13KB)