SEA Resources and Guidance

EPA process guidance on SEA 

Below are links to the available EPA SEA process guidance resources.

A full list of EPA SEA-related published guidance documents and resources is available here.

We review and update our online resources on a regular basis to reflect current good practice, recent guidance and legislation. The Second Effectiveness Review of SEA in Ireland (EPA, 2020) and SEA Effectiveness Review Report (EPA, 2012) include information and case studies that may also be useful.

SEA of Local Authority Land Use Plans  EPA recommendations and Resources. Key EPA recommendations for integrating environmental considerations into Local Authority land-use plans, along with links to relevant data sources & lists of key relevant plans.
EPA's SEA Spatial Information Sources Inventory List of SEA spatial information sources to assist plan makers
SEA pack Overview of key SEA stages, key resources, SEA process checklists, worksheets to use when preparing an SEA.
EPA SEA Process Checklist Helpful checklist to assist practitioners in undertaking SEA.
EPA Synthesis Report   Synthesis report on developing an SEA Methodology for plans and programmes in Ireland.
Draft SEA resource manual Step-by-step guide to the SEA and plan-making process with a view to promoting integration between the key stages of both processes.
Guidance Note on public participation in SEA This guidance note aims to improve the general public’s engagement in strategic environmental assessment (SEA) practice in Ireland. It outlines principles and makes recommendations to ensure that the public are meaningfully informed and consulted during SEA processes, and that any feedback is appropriately integrated into the SEA environmental report and the associated plan/programme. The guidance note is based on a review of international best practice; extensive consultation with SEA practitioners, plan-makers and public participation experts; and lessons learned from a good practice case study piloting novel approaches to public engagement in SEA consultation. These recommendations are transferable to other jurisdictions.

Departmental guidance 

DHPLG Guidelines for Planning Authorities SEA guidelines for Regional and Planning Authorities on implementing the SEA Directive, published by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government


European Commission guidance

EC Guidance European Commission's Guidance on implementing the SEA Directive.


International guidance and resources

UK Guidance on SEA A Practical Guide to the SEA Directive published by the UK governments.
Scottish SEA Guidance (2013) Guidance on SEA published by the Scottish government.
Scottish SEA Database SEA examples available on the Scottish SEA Database
FasTips on SEA Alternatives FasTips on SEA Alternatives published by the International Association for Impact Assessment