SEA Action Plan

In 2017 the EPA, in association with the other four SEA environmental authorities, initiated a review of the progress made to date in the delivery of the various actions and recommendations in the SEA Effectiveness Review in Ireland Action Plan 2012–2016. The findings of this review are summarised in the following document: 

SEA Effectiveness Review in Ireland - Action Plan 2012-16

SEA Action Plan 2012-2016 - Progress Update 2018. 

To drive further progress in the implementation of those actions which are not progressed or only partially delivered, an updated and extended SEA Action Plan for the time period 2018- 2020 (SEA Effectiveness Review Action Plan 2018-2018) has also been published: 

SEA Action Plan 2018-2020. 

SEA Action Plan 2018-2020 - Progress Update 2021

The National SEA Forum the SEA statutory environmental authorities in Ireland have jointly developed an SEA Action Plan to implement the key priority recommendations of the second SEA Effectiveness Review. The implementation of this Action Plan will be dependent on a shared responsibility in delivering the key priority recommendations. This action plan can be consulted at the link below.

SEA Action Plan 2021 - 2025

SEA Action Plan 2021- 2025 - Progress Update - March 2024.