Reviews of SEA effectiveness

Second review of SEA effectiveness in Ireland

 A second Review of SEA Effectiveness in Ireland commenced in March 2018 and completed in January 2020. This EPA-funded research project (2017-NC-MS-8) was led by UCD, in collaboration with RPS and Levett-Therivel consultants. The project goal was to assess the progress made in implementing the SEA Directive in Ireland, to identify areas where further improvements are required and to provide guidance and make recommendations on the actions needed to address any identified issues. The findings are summarised in the following reports:

Second SEA Effectiveness Review ( full report)
Guidance on SEA Statements and Monitoring

A training workshop was convened on the 3rd March 2020 in Portlaoise to discuss the findings of the second review of SEA effectiveness. A summary of this workshop is available below:

Guidance on SEA Statements and Monitoring

The National SEA Forum the SEA statutory environmental authorities in Ireland have jointly developed an SEA Action Plan to implement the key priority recommendations of the second SEA Effectiveness Review. The implementation of this Action Plan will be dependent on a shared responsibility in delivering the key priority recommendations. This action plan can be consulted at the link below.

SEA Action Plan 2021-2025


EC implementation reports

The second European Commission Implementation Report on the SEA Directive was published in 2017. This report presents the experience gained in applying the Directive in Member States between 2007 and 2014. It follows on from the first Implementation Report which was published in 2009.  

First Review of SEA Effectiveness in Ireland

In 2012, we published the findings of a review into how effectively the SEA Directive has been implemented in Ireland since its transposition in 2004. The report findings, associated action plans and progress reports are summarised in the following reports:

SEA Effectiveness Review (2012) Full report.
SEA Effectiveness Review Executive Summary (2012) Summary of the review findings.
SEA Effectiveness Review - Regional Planning Guidelines (RPG) (2012) Regional planning-related findings of the review.
SEA Effectiveness Review RPG Executive Summary (2012) Summary of the review findings related to regional planning.
SEA Action Plan 2012-2016 The first SEA Action Plan.
SEA Action Plan 2012-2016 - Progress Update 2018 Progress report showing progress made on the various actions.
SEA Action Plan 2018-2020 Updated and extended SEA Action Plan.
SEA Action Plan 2018-2020 - Progress Update 2021 Progress report showing progress made on the updated actions.