Management Strategies for the Protection of High Status Water Bodies

Year: 2012

STRIVE Report 99 - Bernadette Ní Chatháin et al.

Biogeography and Ecology of Irish Groundwater Fauna

EPA Research Programme - STRIVE Report 95, December 2012

Year: 2012

STRIVE Report 95 - Jörg Arnscheidt et al.

Evaluating the Influence of Groundwater Pressures on Groundwater-Dependent Wetlands

Sarah Kimberley and Catherine Coxon, December 2012

Year: 2012

Environmental Supporting Conditions for Groundwater-Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystems

CCRP 17 thumbnail

National Adaptive Capacity Assessment

Climate Change Research Programme - CCRP Report 17, December 2012

Year: 2012

Climate Change Research Programme - CCRP Report 17

Water Research in Ireland Brochure thumbnail

Water Research in Ireland

Year: 2012

Water research projects funded by EPA since 2007.

Sustainable Environment Research in Ireland Brochure thumbnail

Sustainable Environment Research in Ireland

Year: 2012

A review of EPA research funding in the Sustainable Environment area.

Environmental Protection through Research thumbnail

Environmental Protection through Research

Year: 2012

Identifying Pressures :: Informing Policy :: Developing Solutions

Biodiversity in Irish Plantation Forests (BioForest)

Year: 2012

Final Reports of the sub-projects of the BioForest project (ERTDI 2000-LS-3.1-M2) - S. Iremonger et al.

Review of STRIVE Research Programme

Authors: PA Consulting Group, September 2012

Year: 2012

This independent review of the STRIVE Research Programme was conducted by PA Consulting Group

CCRP 14: Strategy Guide on Climate Change Implications and Strategies for the Community Sector

Year: 2012

Strategy Guide on Climate Change Implications and Strategies for the Community Sector

CLIMATE CHANGE: Refining the Impacts for Ireland

Report from EPA-funded project 2001-CD-C3-M1, May 2009

Year: 2009

STRIVE Report 12 - Sweeney J et al.

Mitigation of large-scale organic waste damage incorporating a demonstration of a closed loop conversion of poultry waste to energy at the point of source

Summary (2000-LS1-M2) - M. Leahy et al., May 2008

Year: 2008

The overall aim of the project was to develop, demonstrate and test an innovative, practical and cost effective treatment system for poultry litter, and to minimise and abate the impact of land spreading.

Biodiversity in Irish Plantation Forests (BioForest)

ERTDI Report 51 - S. Iremonger et al., May 2007

Year: 2007

Final Report of ERTDI project 2000-LS-3.1-M2 (S. Iremonger et al.)

Investigation of the relationship between fish stocks, ecological quality ratings (Q-Values), Environmental factors and degree of Eutrophication

Year: 2007

Final Report of the ERTDI-funded project 2000-MS4-M1. Authors: Fiona Kelly, Trevor Champ, Neasa McDonnell, Mary Kelly-Quinn, Simon Harrison, Alison Arbuthnott, Paul Giller, Mike Joy, Kieran McCarthy, Paula Cullen, Chris Harrod, Phil Jordan, David Griffiths, and Robert Rosell.

National Data for Integrated Assessment Modelling under the Clean Air For Europe

Environmental Research Centre - ERC Report 2 - Cleary et al., September 2006

Year: 2006

Two issues addressed in this preliminary data validation study are: how do most recent emissions in RAINS (for the year 2000) compare with the relevant estimates for Ireland, and how the emissions projected for 2005 and 2010 compare with independent estimates based on available data.

Implications of the EU Climate Protection Target for Ireland

Environmental Research Centre - ERC Report 5 - L. McElwain and J. Sweeney , May 2006

Year: 2006

Environmental Research Centre Report 5 by L. McElwain and J. Sweeney ((NUI Maynooth)

Climate Change – Inverse Modelling Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ireland

ERTDI Report 35 – Jennings et al., May 2006

Year: 2006

An analysis of the Mace Head atmospheric record to provide a synthesis estimate of the fluxes of CO2, CH4 and N2O for Ireland over the period 1995–2000.The proposed atmospheric method is entirely independent of statistical inventories, and therefore constitutes a unique ‘top–down’ verification of Irish greenhouse gas emissions inventories.

ERTDI Report 54 - Final Report - ERTDI project 2000-DS-6-M1

Year: 2006

Final Report (ERTDI Report 54) of the ERTDI-funded project 2000-DS-6-M1, by Sue Scott and Dorothy Watson (ESRI)

Eutrophication From Agricultural Sources: Models And Risk Assessment Schemes For Predicting Phosphorus Loss To Water

Final Report - ERTDI Report 43 - Daly , May 2006

Year: 2006

Eutrophication study using three modelling approaches to capture a range of modelling complexities and methodologies that could be applied to Irish data. The three modelling studies captured physically based, empirical and risk assessment (multi-criteria) models.

Eutrophication From Agricultural Sources:Relating Catchment Characteristics To Phosphorus Concentrations In Irish Rivers

Final Report - ERTDI Report 42 - Daly et al , May 2006

Year: 2006

Research relating water quality data to catchment characteristics, and deriving a model that describes or predicts P levels in Irish surface waters.