Eutrophication From Agricultural Sources: Models And Risk Assessment Schemes For Predicting Phosphorus Loss To Water

Final Report - ERTDI Report 43 - Daly , May 2006

Year: 2006

Eutrophication study using three modelling approaches to capture a range of modelling complexities and methodologies that could be applied to Irish data. The three modelling studies captured physically based, empirical and risk assessment (multi-criteria) models.

Eutrophication From Agricultural Sources:Relating Catchment Characteristics To Phosphorus Concentrations In Irish Rivers

Final Report - ERTDI Report 42 - Daly et al , May 2006

Year: 2006

Research relating water quality data to catchment characteristics, and deriving a model that describes or predicts P levels in Irish surface waters.

Eutrophication From Agricultural Sources: Phosphorus Concentration And Flow

Final Report - ERTDI Report 40 - Doody et al , May 2006

Year: 2006

Investigates processes controlling phosphorus (P) loss in overland flow, to identify, describe and evaluate mechanisms responsible for this observed increase in dissolved P concentration with an increase in overland flow rate.

Climate Change: Regional Climate Model Predictions for Ireland

ERTDI Report 36 - Mc Grath et al., May 2005

Year: 2005

An analysis of future Irish climate conditions for 2021–2060, based on outputs from a new regional climate modelling facility in Met Éireann

Nutrient Levels And The Zebra Mussel Population In Lough Key - Final Report

Final Report (2000-MS-5-M1) - Lucy et al , May 2005

Year: 2005

This study aims to quantify the total number and biomass of zebra mussels and assess changes to the population during the course of the study. Relevant water parameters and phytoplankton samples were analysed; direct ecological changes were also noted during the project.

Water Framework Directive: Identification And Ranking Of Nature Conservation Designated Areas, Where The Status Of Water Is An Important Factor

Final Report - ERTDI Report 24 - Ó Riain et al , May 2005

Year: 2005

The development of a methodology for identifying water-dependent habitats and hence protected areas with such habitats. It recorded these sites in digital form within a combined database and mapping system and recorded the water-dependent habitats and the species they contain.

Production Of Organo-Mineral Fertilisers From Mixtures Of Composted Pig Slurry Solids And Other Biodegradable Wastes

Final Report - ERTDI report 28 - Stewart, May 2005

Year: 2005

The project examined a potential solution to some aspects of the problem of slurry disposal from large-scale intensive pig units.

Environmental Economics: Fertiliser Taxes – Implementation Issues

ERTDI Report 23 - Scott, May 2005

Year: 2005

Examines the implementation of a fertiliser tax as an incentive to farmers to apply fertilisers more sensitively with the objective of reducing contamination.

Eutrophication From Agricultural Sources: Small Plot Study On The Impact Of Grazing Animals On Nutrient Losses To Water

Final Report - ERTDI Report 41 - Kurz et al , May 2005

Year: 2005

Project measuring the impact of cattle on soil physical properties relevant to the hydrological characteristics of a site, and assessing whether their presence is likely to influence the quality of the overland flow produced at a site.

Eutrophication From Agricultural Sources: Phosphorus Chemistry Of Mineral And Peat Soils In Ireland

ERTDI Report 38 - Final Report - Daly et al , May 2005

Year: 2005

An examination of the impact of soil chemical properties on P sorption and desorption, so that a risk assessment of P loss from soil types could be developed using identifiable soil chemical characteristics.

The Macro-Economic Effects of Using Fiscal Instruments to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

ERTDI Report 21 - Bergin et al., May 2004

Year: 2004

Examines the proposal for a tax applied on the carbon content of all forms of energy consumed in Ireland.

Carbon Taxes: Which Households Gain Or Lose?

ERTDI Report 40 - Scott et al., May 2004

Year: 2004

Analyses the effects of the introduction of a carbon tax in order to see how it would affect different households. The report focuses especially on vulnerable households.

Eutrophication From Agriculture Sources: Seasonal Patterns & Effects of Phosphorus

Final Report - ERTDI Report 13 - Jennings et al , May 2003

Year: 2003

Study of phosphate discharges to water bodies, as part of the large-scale study

Eutrophication From Agricultural Sources: Environmental Soil Phosphorus Test

Final Report - ERTDI Report 14 - K. Daly & A. Casey, May 2003

Year: 2003

This project on soil P testing questions conventional sample depth, sample pre-treatment, choice of extractant and extract ratios against a background of dissolved reactive P (DRP) and suspended solids (SS) concentrations monitored from the same sample sites.

Climate Change Indicators For Ireland

ERTDI Report 2 - Sweeney et al., May 2002

Year: 2002

Research assessing a very wide range of potential indicators of climate change, and establishing several potentially valuable data sources which satisfy or partially satisfy the requirements that a good indicator should have.

Assessment And Evaluation Of Outlets Of Compost Produced From Municipal Waste

Final report - ERTDI report 6 - van der Werf et al , May 2002

Year: 2002

The key goal of this document was to formulate a national strategy to develop adequate, stable and reliable PBMW-compost market and non-market outlets

Environmental Impacts And Parameters For Inclusion In The Economic Valuation Of Road Schemes

Final report - ERTDI report 8 - Ozdemiroglu et al , May 2002

Year: 2002

Economic and non-economic approaches to assessing environmental effects.

Scope Of Transport Impacts On The Environment

Final Report - ERTDI report 9 - O’Mahony et al , May 2002

Year: 2002

Review of recent international literature on environmental impacts of the transport sector and on the integration of environmental considerations into transport planning and operations

Review Of Monitoring And Research To Meet The Needs Of The EU Water Framework Directive

Final Report - ERTDI Report 1 - Irvine et al , May 2002

Year: 2002

Desk study to review monitoring and research requirements for implementing the Water Framework Directive, and the state of preparation of Ireland within the timescale and milestones prescribed.