Report Generation and Issue

Licensees should ensure that the final report produced both by onsite and subcontracted laboratories is concise and self explanatory. It should clearly set out the type of monitoring undertaken and the main findings.  All reports should as a minimum contain the following information:

  • Date sample was collected,
  • Date of analysis, and confirmation of any sample preservation,
  • Details on whether the sample was a grab or composite and if a composite the composite period and flow,
  • Identification of the Method used and accreditation status,
  • Test results and units of measurement,
  • Details of the form the parameter was measured as e.g. PO4 versus P and NH4 versus N
  • Confirmation that all quality criteria were met during the analysis,
  • Name, function and signature of senior analyst/chemist who verifies the validity of the result and authorises the test report,
  • A statement on the estimated uncertainty of measurement,
  • A statement of compliance/non-compliance with the licence.

Licensees must ensure that were results are summarised for reporting to the EPA that the reported results to the EPA use the same description and units as those submitted by the licensee’s onsite laboratory or subcontracted laboratory e.g. CBOD versus BOD, phosphorous versus total phosphorous.  A copy of the original laboratory report must be maintained onsite for inspection by EPA inspectors.