EPA prosecutes Mr Binman Limited

On 17 October 2008 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Mr Binman Limited at Limerick District Court.  The Company pleaded guilty to:

1. Exceeding the licensed annual waste tonnage limit;
2. Permitting an emission from an on-site waste water treatment plant that exceeded the ELV’s for suspended solids;
3. Permitting an emission of environmental significance from the on-site surface water oil interceptor, which was not a specified emission;
4. Failing to make immediate arrangements to tanker waste water off-site in fully enclosed road tankers to the waste water treatment plant agreed with the Agency;
5. Failing to ensure that the glass processing and bottle storage bays were completely enclosed or relocated to an alternative enclosed area agreed with the Agency.

On hearing evidence from an EPA Inspector, Judge O’Donnell imposed a fine of €2,000 on charge 1 and took the other charges into account.  EPA costs of €7,688 were also awarded.