See It? Say It!

For details, instructions and background on making an environmental complaint please see the page Making an Environmental Complaint

The EPA has developed an iPhone and Android App, called See it? Say It! to help people to report environmental pollution in their town and village.

This App makes it easy for people to report a pollution incident the moment they see it. Using the App you can take a photograph of a pollution incident, add a summary description of what you want to convey and your contact details and this will automatically be sent to the relevant local authority for follow up (the app will add GPS location coordinates).

This App complements the 24 hour nationwide environmental complaints phoneline - 1850 365 121.  You can report issues such as backyard burning, fly tipping, water pollution, odours and littering by using the new App or by phoning the complaints line.

The existing environmental complaints phone line is also available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and all calls are answered by dedicated staff who pass the reported information to the relevant body for follow up such as local authorities, the Gardaí or the EPA. 

What can you report using the App?

Types of complaints
Waste dumping and littering
Air backyard burning / odour / spray painters
Noise commercial premises / small factory
Waste fish kill or pollution







What happens to my complaints?

When you notice environmental pollution of some kind and make a submission it will be directed to the relevant local authority for a response. You will see your submission on the website. The website is used by all local authorities for tracking many issues – including environmental matters and you should see a response to your submission there within a short time.

You will be asked for contact details, as the local authority may wish to contact you for further details. It is important to remember to include any information that could help the local authority in finding the culprit – for example, this might include a car registration number.

It is important to remember that members of the public can also contact their local Council directly with their complaints. However, the App and the FixYourStreet website means that your submission will be passed on to the relevant authorities and acted upon. 

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