Historic Mining Sites

Historic Mining Sites -Inventory & Risk Characterisation

The EPA, the Geological Survey of Ireland and the Exploration & Mining Division of the Department of Communication, Marine & Natural Resources undertook a joint project entitled "Historic Mine Site - Inventory and Risk Characterisation (HMS - IRC)".  This project carried out detailed site investigations and characterisation on priority historic mine sites in the country.

A risk ranking methodology was developed which categorised the sites according to the risks posed to human and animal health and the environment.

Project Prosposal - "Historic Mine Site - Inventory and Risk Characterisation (HMS - IRC)".

The project commenced in January 2006 and was completed in December 2008.  A final report and a GIS geodatabase was produced on completion of the project.

Final report - "Historic Mine Sites - Inventory and Risk Classification (HMS-IRC) Volume 1"

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Historic Mining Sites - Silvermines & Tynagh

In relation to historic mine sites in Ireland, we are and have been actively involved with other government agencies, departments and local residents in the Silvermines and Tynagh mines area.

During the course of this work, many useful guidance documents have been produced in relation to growing up, living and working in areas where mining has occurred in the past. They can provide useful guidance and best practice for similar areas where mining activities have taken place.

The documents include: