Network for Ireland's Environmental Compliance and Enforcement


Working Together To Make a Difference

The Office of Environmental Enforcement (OEE) co-ordinates the activities of NIECE, the Network for Ireland's Environmental Compliance and Enforcement. 

Participants of the Network are involved in enforcement activities within public authorities and include all local authorities, the EPA, government departments, An Garda Siochana, the National Bureau for Criminal Investigations, the Police Service of Northern Ireland, Inland Fisheries Ireland, the Health Service Executive, the Revenue Commissioners, and the Director of Public Prosecutions. 

The Network harnesses collective resources and expertise to co-ordinate a consistent and more effective approach to the enforcement of environmental legislation in Ireland. 

Purpose of the Network

Vision: The improved implementation of environmental protection legislation through enhanced promotion, engagement and collaboration amongst public authorities.

The Objectives of the Network are to:

  • Link People and their Work Areas
  • Share Expertise and Create Learning Opportunities
  • Enhance Consistency

Learn more

For more information about NIECE see The NIECE Network Strategic Plan 2018 to 2022 - Working Together To Make a Difference.

The Network's Extranet website is available to participants in NIECE.

Visit the European Environmental Network (IMPEL) for information about work in this area at a european level.