National Environmental Complaints Line

Members of the public can report pollution or illegal dumping via this 24 hour CallSave telephone number 1850 365 121. Local authorities and/or the Gardaí and the EPA will follow up on the information provided by the public.

When a member of the public calls the line, they will be answered by a person, round the clock, seven days a week. The details of the complaint, such as location, nature of the complaint, and the complainant's contact details will be recorded and passed to the relevant local authority. The Council will then assess and investigate the complaint as appropriate.

This national environmental complaints line is the latest initiative by NIECE (the Network for Irelands Environmental Compliance and Enforcement) which includes the EPA, all local authorities, the Gardaí and the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government. 

It is important to remember that members of the public can also contact their local Council directly with their complaints. However, the new national environmental complaints line ensures that day or night, the caller will reach a person who can take the details of their complaint and pass it on to the Council.