Prosecutions and Penalties

Prosecution is an important part of environmental law enforcement.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages individuals and businesses to integrate good environmental practices into normal working methods and seeks to prevent environmental pollution before it has a chance to occur.  Where pollution does occur the EPA aims to seek redress for environmental pollution and avoid a recurrence.  Where the circumstances warrant it, immediate prosecution will be pursued.


In some cases, non-compliance with the legislation is dealt with by the imposition of a penalty. Payment of the penalty will avoid further court proceedings for that specific non-compliance.
The European Communities (Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading) Regulations 2012 (SI 490 of 2012) provide under Regulation 26(11) and 26(12)  that an operator who fails to surrender sufficient allowances by 30 April of a given year to cover their verified emissions from the previous calendar year shall be liable for payment of an excess emissions penalty of €100/tonne of CO2, with the amount to be adjusted to take account of the European Consumer Price Index.

The first penalties under these regulations were imposed against two operators in 2018.

You can view the details of successful prosecutions and penalties taken by the EPA over a number of years at the following links:



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